Everyone knows that an extra power supply on hand is pretty efficient and convenient for us no matter where are we or when is it. These stuff have seen by us many times throughout the decades and the portable battery (Power bank) takes form in many shapes and sizes. When the Aukey PB-Y32 is released, this have totally change my perspective of backup power from our pockets. WHY?

The Aukey PB-Y32 Power bank is design to have a slim body and also equipped with many different charging options. This design have brought the power bank market to a whole new level and Aukey have brought a tier up in terms of power bank charging. Aukey have also featured new improve technology onto the PB-Y32 which are the USB Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge, and Qi-Wireless Charging. This three technology have made this power bank to function as a portable power house wherever we go.


There are two parts of charging on this power bank which are wired charging and wireless charging. Wired charging in the PB-Y32 consist of two components which are the USB Power Delivery and the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. The USB-A output is equipped with the Quick Charge 3.0 which enables the power output to reach up to 12V. The USB-C is feature with the 18w Power Delivery 3.0, input voltage able to support up to 9V input and output with 12V. An additional micro-USB input is installed for the convenience of traditional users.

Wired charging would work like how we expected as normal. We just have to just simply plug in a simple cable and the PB-Y32 will do its job. An additional info, we can only fast charge one device at a time. The USB-C PD port has an 18W charging speed, which can fast charge most Android smartphones. The USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port can also quickly charge compatible Android devices, but it downgrades to 12W for any non-Quick Charge compatible phone.If there are two devices charging and you switch to just one USB-C PD device, it will take 10 seconds to switch over to fast charging.

One if the unique featured of this power bank is that it have a Low Current Charging mode, this enable us to charge devices that are 60mA such as wireless headphones, fitness band and smartwatches. To enable Low-Current charging, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. The first of the four white indicator lights will turn green when this mode is enabled. The power bank will automatically switch back to standard charging after 2 hours in this Low-Current mode.

As for another charging style, which is what we are all curious and hoping that it exist, the PB-Y32 wireless charging. On top of the power bank is covered in grippy rubber with the lightning bolt logo, there is where we dock our phones or devices for wireless charging. The rubber design functions very well to ensure your phone from slipping and staying in place. The Wireless Charging feature will start at 5W, if there are no other charging devices it will automatically boost up to 7.5W or 10W depending on the devices. You can press the power button while using wired charging to enable wireless charging. If you do that, wired charging is limited to 15W and wireless charging will be at 5W.

When you press the power button, all five lights will turn on. The four small white lights show the remaining power. The fifth light is orange and it indicates when the wireless charging feature is active. Wireless charging is only active for about 15 seconds when you first turn the device on, after which it will turn off if you haven’t placed a device on top. The orange light slowly blinks when a device is wirelessly charging.

Lastly, the Aukey PB-Y32 comes with safety features that protect you and your devices which many normal power banks in the market doesn't have. The Aukey PB-Y32 Power bank has several safety features including excessive current protection, overheating protection, and overcharging protection which means using our battery would prioritise your safety first.