PB-Y45 Sprint X 27600mAh 140W PD Power Bank with Smart Digital Display

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140W PD Fast Charging

With its 140-watt power delivery fast charging, the PB-Y45 Sprint X can charge both input and output devices at fast speeds.

27600mAh Capacity

The power bank comes with a 27600mAh big capacity, allowing you to charge your devices multiple times before needing a recharge. Based on laboratory tests, it can charge a MacBook Air for 1.4 times, iPhone 14 5.1 times, and Galaxy S22 4.5 times.

Compatible for USB C Laptop Charging

The PB-Y45 Sprint X is designed for USB C PD laptop charging, making it fully compatible with a range of devices, including the MacBook Pro 16”. In fact, it can charge the MacBook Pro 16” to 50% in just 40 minutes!

Broad compatibility

The PB-Y45 Sprint X offers broad compatibility with all USB devices including your smartphone, tablet, camera, or any other USB-enabled device, so you can charge all your devices on the go with ease.

Smart Digital Display

You can monitor input and output voltage to ensure that your devices are charging efficiently and safely with the smart digital display.

Triple Charging

Charge up to three devices simultaneously with its two USB C ports and one USB port, making it a perfect solution for those who need to charge their devices quickly and efficiently.


Model: PB-Y45

Total Cell Capacity: 27600mAh (4600mAh x 6PCS) / 99.36Wh (21.6V)

USB-1/2 (C) input: 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 15V 3A / 20V 5A / 28V 5A / 140W(Max)

USB-1/2 (C) Output: 5V 34 / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 15V 3A / 20V 5A / 28V 5A / PPS: 3.3-21V 5A / AVS: 15-28V 5A / 140W(Max)

U58-1 (A) Output: SV 34 / 9V 24/ 12V 1 5A / 10V 2.25A / 22.5W (Max)

USB-1 (C) + USB-2 (C): 65W+65W

USB-1 (C) + USB-1 (A): 100W+ 22.5W

USB-2 (C) + USB-1 (A): 100W- 22.5W

Total Output: 140W

Dimensions: 15 x 5.3 x 5cm

Weight: 643g

What’s In the Package

1 x Power Bank, 1 x 140W USB-C to C Cable, 1 x User Manual

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